Audio Reactor Expansion Pack
audio reactor
expansion pack
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✪ mismatcher delux expansion pack
✪ toggle effects through sound
✪ four independent triggers
✪ two decay speed settings
✪ compatible with the switch board.

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Audio Reactor Owner's Manual owner's manual

the audio reactor is a mismatcher delux expansion pack used to toggle the gain, feedback 1 and feedback 2 from the enhancer and the low pass filter from the sync mixer, through sound, in real time.
each knob sets a volume threshold which is compared to the input sound in order to trigger each effect.
the toggle switch sets the decay of the internal envelope generator. fast decay for faster toggling of the effects, slow decay for more prolonged effects.
the audio reactor can also be expanded with the switch board, in order to enable and disable the audio reactivity.

if you have any questions, contact me on instagram or send an e-mail to

Audio Reactor Expansion Pack
Audio Reactor Expansion Pack