Delux Bundle
mismatcher delux advanced bundle
mid level

$354.99 + free shipping

✪ mismatcher delux

✪ audio reactor

✪ switch board

✪ hdmi2av

✪ 3x keychain splitters

✪ 2x honk klomp keychain

✪ 12x patch cables

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this new bundle includes all the extension packs for the mismatcher delux, the audio reactor, for audio reactive effects, and the switch board, to easily toggle between effects.

you'll also get other pieces of equipment needed for your video production, such as splitters and patch cables to patch the delux to your desired effect, as well as the hdmi2av adapter, for free, to get composite video straight from your laptop.

if you are completely new to video glitching, beside this bundle you just need to get one usb-c cable and charger and a couple of rca male to male cables to get started right away.

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