Gate Switcher EuroRack Gate Switcher EuroRack
gate switcher
entry level
$39.99 + free shipping

first production batch
✪ eurorack
✪ 3u
✪ 4hp
✪ 3.5mm tr output
✪ +5V gate output
✪ 10-pin power header

gate switcher $39.99 +

rca adapters:

patch cables (20 cm):

keychain splitter:

honk klomp keychain:


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total cost (minus s&h):

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the gate switcher, like the name implies, simply generates gate signals for other eurorack modules. it can toggle four different gates through four illuminated toggle switches.
the gate signal is binary, the "off" state is 0V and the "on" state is +5V.
you can use it, for example, with the voltage controlled fader, mismatcher connect mini and so on.

---// faq //---

q: is the gate switcher a standalone unit?
a: the gate switcher is intended to be integrated into an eurorack setup. it isn't a handheld device like the mismatcher

q: what's the keychain splitter for?
a: the keychain splitter is used as a two 4-way splitters.

q: what's the rca adapters for?
a: the rca adapters are used to connect rca cables directly into the 3.5mm ports.

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