Handheld Video Splitter
handheld active video splitter
entry level
$39.99 + $15 worldwide shipping

first production batch
✪ 1 to 6 split
✪ buffered outputs
✪ 3.5mm i/o
✪ usb-c power
✪ pal / ntsc / secam

handheld video splitter $39.99 +


rca adapters:

patch cables (20 cm):

keychain splitter:

honk klomp keychain:

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the handheld video splitter is a compact 1 to 6 video splitter designed to power a 6 monitor video wall through a single video source.
its powered by a usb-c cable and if you wish to feed more than six monitors, you can daisy-chain it with as many video splitters as you'd like.
it can also be used as an improved keychain splitter, since all the outputs are buffered and isolated from each other, preventing brightness drops and cross interference.

---// faq //---

q: is the handheld video splitter a standalone unit?
a: yes, you can just use it alongside a composite video source and some crt monitors.

q: what's the rca adapters for?
a: the rca adapters are used to connect rca cables directly into the 3.5mm ports.

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Handheld Video Splitter
Handheld Video Splitter
Handheld Video Splitter