Honk Klomp Keychain
Honk Klomp Keychain
honk klomp keychain
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✪ 3.5mm i/o
✪ 2x faders / attenuators

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the honk klomp keychain is a very small and simple implementation of the karl klomp dirty video mixer.
it's comprised of two mixers and it enables you to dirty mix two videos into one, straight from your pocket, without the need for any external power source.
beside that, you can also use it as an attenuator. just connect one video signal to one of the mixer's inputs, and the output can be attenuated with the knob. easy as that.

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Honk Klomp Owner's Manual owner's manual

if you have any questions, contact me on instagram or send an e-mail to help@freedomenterprise.pt