MisMatcher Petite EuroRack MisMatcher Petite EuroRack
mismatcher petite eurorack
entry level
$69.99 + free shipping

✪ analog video glitcher
✪ 3.5mm tr i/o
✪ active circuits (internally patched together):
 ✬ enhancer
 ✬ sync separator
 ✬ sync mixer
✪ pal / ntsc / secam
first production batch
✪ eurorack
✪ 3u
✪ 4hp
✪ 10-pin power header

petite eurorack $69.99 +

rca adapters:

patch cables (20 cm):

keychain splitter:

honk klomp keychain:


discount coupon:
total cost (minus s&h):

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the mismatcher petite eurorack is our simplest analog video glitcher for eurorack and works with composite video, the yellow RCA jack found on cameras and monitors.
this new module is based around the original mismatcher petite and features the same circuits, the enhancer for glitching and the sync mixer and separator for stability. these circuits come internally connected in a configuration for better video stability.
this simple design features one input and one output port, as well as gain and feedback control for the enhancer.
just connect one video source to the input, like a camera or vcr and a crt display to the output and start glitching today!

---// faq //---

q: is the mismatcher petite eurorack a standalone unit?
a: the video splitter is intended to be integrated into an eurorack setup. it isn't a handheld device like the mismatcher. however you can start glitching with only one eurorack petite.

q: what's the bare minimum equipment I need to use the mismatcher petite eurorack?
a: all you need is an eurorack case plus a video camera, console, vcr or dvd player with a composite video output (yellow rca jack), a tv screen with composite input and a few 3.5mm ts patch cables.

q: what's the keychain splitter for?
a: the keychain splitter is used as a two 4-way splitters.

q: what's the rca adapters for?
a: the rca adapters are used to connect rca cables directly into the 3.5mm ports.

If you have any questions, contact us on Instagram or send an e-mail to: help@freedomenterprise.pt