MisMatcher Delux
mismatcher delux
mid level
$174.99 + free shipping

✪ fully assembled and ready to use
✪ analog video glitcher
✪ rca and 3.5mm i/o
✪ patchable
✪ 4 gate inputs to trigger effects
✪ expansion port to expand functionalities
✪ active circuits:
 ✬ enhancer w/ switchable gain and feedback 1 and 2
 ✬ sync separator
 ✬ sync mixer w/ switchable low pass filter
✪ passive circuits:
 ✬ 3 mixers / attenuators
✪ pal / ntsc / secam

mismatcher delux $179.99 +


switch board:

audio reactor:

patch cables (20 cm):

keychain splitter:

honk klomp keychain:


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total cost:

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MisMatcher Delux Owner's Manual owner's manual

the mismatcher delux is the successor to the well known and loved mismatcher01.
this compact analog video glitcher features three circuits, enhancer, sync mixer and sync separator with various controllable parameters for each, as well as three passive mixers / attenuators.
thanks to the four gate inputs at the bottom of the mismatcher delux, you can trigger each effect from an external source, like eurorack modules.
the biggest feature that sets the delux apart from the 01 is the expansion port. this port, located on the right side of the unit, lets you connect different control modules to better suit the mismatcher delux to your needs. for example, the switch board lets you easily enable and disable effects during live performances thanks to its big tactile buttons.
the audio reactor creates music reactivity, enabling and disabling effects to the sound of music.

---// faq //---

q: what's the keychain splitter for?
a: the keychain splitter is used as a two 4-way splitters. it enables you to split your signal to various parts of the circuit at the same time. for example, if you need to connect the same camera to the enhancer and the sync separator, the keychain splitter let's you split that one camera signal into two or more patch cables.

q: what is the audio reactor?
a: the audio reactor is an extension only for the mismatcher delux that enables you to create effects that react to music.

q: what is the switch board?
a: the switch board is an extension available only for the mismatcher delux that enables you to switch effects on and off, more easily, trough four illuminated tactile switches.

q: can i purchase extension packs after I already purchased my mismatcher delux?
a: yes, of course. we'll release more extension packs in the future. you can update your delux with these upcoming packs.

q: what's the bare minimum equipment I need to use the mismatcher delux?
a: all you need is a video camera, console, vcr or dvd player with a composite video output (yellow rca jack), a tv screen with composite input and a few 3.5mm ts patch cables.

q: can i use the mismatcher delux with other pieces of video equipment, like for example, an edirol v4?
a: yes, if it can handle composite video, it'll work with the mismatcher delux.

If you have any questions, contact me on Instagram or send an e-mail to: help@freedomenterprise.pt

MisMatcher Delux
MisMatcher Delux
MisMatcher Delux
MisMatcher Delux
MisMatcher Delux
MisMatcher Delux
MisMatcher Delux
MisMatcher Delux
MisMatcher Delux
MisMatcher Delux
MisMatcher Delux
MisMatcher Delux
MisMatcher Delux