Voltage Controlled Fader
voltage controlled fader
entry level
$79.99 + free shipping

first production batch
✪ video fader
✪ eurorack
✪ 3u
✪ 4hp
✪ 3.5mm i/o
✪ 10-pin power header
✪ cv input with gain and offset conditioning
✪ pal / ntsc / secam

voltage controlled fader $79.99 +

rca adapters:

patch cables (20 cm):

keychain splitter:

honk klomp keychain:


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total cost (minus s&h):

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the voltage controlled fader enables you to blend between two video signal, through the twist of a knob or with a cv signal. the cv conditioning circuit is fast enough that you can use the voltage controlled fader as part of a keying setup.
paired with an envelope generator, the voltage controlled fader can also be used to create audio reactivity.

---// faq //---

q: is the vcf a standalone unit?
a: the vcf is intended to be integrated into an eurorack setup. it isn't a handheld device like the mismatcher

q: is it compatible with lzx video synths?
a: it is compatible with lzx systems and any other composite video setup.

q: what's the keychain splitter for?
a: the keychain splitter is used as a two 4-way splitters. it enables you to split your signal to various parts of the circuit at the same time.

q: what's the rca adapters for?
a: the rca adapters are used to connect rca cables directly into the 3.5mm io of the vcf.

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Voltage Controlled Fader

Voltage Controlled Fader

Voltage Controlled Fader