Wiper Expansion Pack
expansion pack
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mismatcher delux expansion pack
✪ assembled and ready to use
✪ fully analog circuitry
✪ four ramp generators
✪ wipe effects across your screen
✪ four selectable directions
✪ compatible with the switch board and audio reactor

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Wiper Owner's Manual owner's manual

the wiper is a mismatcher delux expansion pack used to precisely control the location of your effects on screen and even create wipe style transitions.
the four position switches let you choose from which side of the screen the wipe starts. these position can be combined to create shapes.
the invert switch will invert the area of the screen which is being effected.
when no expansion pack is connected to the wiper's input expansion port, the gain, feedback 1 and 2 are controlled by the wiper. to control other parameters, use it with the switch board and / or audio reactor.

if you have any questions, contact us on instagram or send an e-mail to help@freedomenterprise.pt

MisMatcher Delux and Wiper
Wiper Expansion Pack
MisMatcher Delux and Wiper